Is it just me or do you hate applying for jobs too?

I’ve been on a job hunt since last week, and while it’s too early in my search to actually get interviews, I already feel stressed out and anxious over everything. From what I have to wear to what I have to say to the interviewer to what skills I have to practice to get the job, all these things make me weary and tired. It’s like I’ve lost the passion for it, which according to a friend, is great, because you’re not actually supposed to be ecstatic while job hunting. A job is a necessity, she said, something you put up with, not something you necessarily have to moon over. I guess she’s right. It’s just that I was raised with parents who are hard-workers, who have made their work their entire lives. And so I thought I’m the same, that job-hunting is something I should dive into with a sense of enthusiasm. But all I feel now is this impending sense of doom that should I get a job, I’ll have to surrender my time and effort once more to a thing that I don’t necessarily love, but I have to put up with just so I can pay my bills. I’m not sure if that’s a healthy response to job-hunting or actually getting the job, and it kind of worries me.

What about you, fellow job-hunters? How’s everything? Hope you’re doing and feeling better about the process than I am. What tips can you share to ease the anxiety of job-hunting?



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