Why I started blogging again

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Hey fellas. Today’s post is going to be a little short and really personal, so apologies if you’re expecting a little less than that. I wasn’t sure if I should write about this topic, but I figured that since this is my personal blog, why not go for it.

So I stopped blogging I think June of last year? Things got really crazy for me because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I had to make several changes in my lifestyle, to the point where my mindset in life kind of changed and I’m still getting adjusted to the idea of being less independent and more welcoming of family and friends helping and supporting me in my recovery. Aside from that though, I stopped blogging because I still felt burned out with my previous job. I was a writing tutor for this great company; I would review academic essays to help students improve their work. It was a fulfilling job. I really loved helping my students. But the management in my previous company are quota-drivers, so it took me less than three years to burn out. And burn out spectacularly I did; it was my first writing job and it swore me out of writing for life. Or so I thought. This month is different. February awakened in me this sense of love for writing again. I feel invincible every time I write something and post it here. Never mind the bad grammar, never mind the crazy opinions I have; all I know is that I want to write, write, and write. I guess this reawakening, this hunger for writing is a good thing. The only problem (and I don’t know if this is even a problem) is I don’t want to write to generate leads, to pitch sales or to market off products. For now, I just want to write for myself. I want to write about my feelings and my experiences and my musings. I want to be selfish when I write. Which is fair, I think, as a few months ago I was thinking I would never write for anything again. Lo and behold, here I am.

So. Sorry if this post is nothing but me writing about myself. Kind of therapeutic, to be honest. Hope you guys have a good day, and I wish you all the best.



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