Writing will never be a chore

I recently took up a course in EdX entitled Business and Academic Writing. Being as I am unemployed and want to brush up on my writing skills, I figured there’s no harm in enrolling. I’m in my second week and so far the lessons are promising. We discussed the differences between academic and business writing (where I found out I favored academic writing compared to the latter), what tone and diction is, and how it can be utilized in writing.

I studied critical writing in uni, but there were really no lectures on the basics of writing, like discussions on tone or diction, so these lessons, aside from educating me, made me realize how much my university failed me as a writer. (But that’s a discussion for another time.)

One thing I have noticed though, as I continue my way through the course, is this desire to learn more about my craft. Before taking this course I took up UX design in this MOOC, partly because it was interesting, and partly because it may help me pursue a more lucrative career. But UX design was not for me; I’d get bored during the lectures and my attention span would fizzle to almost nothing. The writing course, on the other hand, made me alert and engaged; I was starving to learn more.

This made me realize how much I love writing, not only as a form of expression, but as a way of connecting to others. Even if I burned out on my last writing job, there’s no doubt in my heart that writing is not, and will never be, a chore for me. Taking the course in fact made me realize that even with the burnout, I’d probably be writing in my next job, no matter what it may be.

What about you guys? What’s one thing that you can call your passion?

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