Blogging is cathartic

I had dinner with a friend a couple of nights ago and I talked about a colleague who wrote about her experiences while living in the U.S. She’s from the Philippines but she married an American, and we were all happy for her, but we were surprised to hear (through her blog) that she was having a difficult time adjusting to the changes. She was employed here in Manila and was paid handsomely for her writing projects. She got to travel anywhere in the PH. She was living alone and thriving! A difficult feat here in the Philippines; everything is so expensive that adults, in most cases, still live with their parents.

Now she’s only always at home, she laments in her blog, and her woeful Instagram account is gathering dust because there’s nothing “exciting” happening in her life. Not to mention she and her husband are having marital problems. We expressed our love and support for her, and while doing so, this friend I was with told me how brave she was for expressing everything in her blog. She was in awe that someone can share one’s negative experiences for the world to see.

I didn’t tell her I have a blog. Of course not. I decided early on that this blog will not reach my family and friends. It’s hard to be so open about mental illnesses here. I’m always open to judgment and rude responses; even my own brother told me I was selfish for thinking about committing suicide. So I told my friend that I think it was great of my colleague to write about her experiences, never mind that they were not rose-tinted.

Blogging for me, and probably to my colleague, is cathartic. It gives me a sense of relief. It clears up my mind and makes me realize certain things. When I wrote this post about unemployment, that’s when I realized that it’s fine to listen to my body and not worry about adhering to societal expectations; that it’s not the end of the world if I can’t keep a job. Writing about my experiences opens up a world of clarity and acceptance that it never made me doubt to share online, even if the experiences are less than pleasant.

What about you guys? Is blogging the same for you too?

3 thoughts on “Blogging is cathartic”

  1. I find writing to be very therapeutic. I also decided not to share my blog with anyone I know in “real life”. Doing it that way makes me feel more comfortable saying whatever I want on my blog.

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  2. Same! If I had people I knew following my blog I would edit as I write and would worry too much if I said anything weird or sad or may offend them.

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