About today

Just wanted to share a quick update! Today was a bit difficult; felt the beginning of a depressive episode and I panicked. Might not be the healthiest thing, but I drank it off with two cups of coffee and now I’m feeling much better.

Also wanted to share updates on my bullet journal. Just designed the upcoming month and detailed the days of April and considering I’m not an artist, I’m pretty proud of these lol

Monthly layout
Detailed the days of the month plus tasks/events lol

Not only that, I bought nail polish and tried them on myself!

It’s bright pink with glitters on them: cute!

I’ve been having anxiety attacks recently, and it’s most likely because of the job I’ll be coming back to this April. I don’t know how to deal with anxiety, to be quite honest. Meditation’s probably the way to go but I find it hard to focus during an attack, and eating healthy and exercising can only get you so far. What are your tips to survive anxiety attacks? Please let me know; I’m dying for advice.

See you next time,


3 thoughts on “About today”

  1. I don’t think I get actual anxiety attacks so I probably shouldn’t be giving advice (just a little chest pain and I feel like my throat closes up a bit making it harder to breathe and not breathing as deeply just makes it worse) but I find that forcing myself to drink some cold water helps in that moment.

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