About today: ruined plans and new delights

Today wasn’t too great. I wasn’t able to do my tasks and when I had my hair dyed, the color didn’t stick. It was supposed to be this color:


But, alas, either the solution we made was weak or the dye was fake, but my hair still remained its regular, dark brown color. Wasted money on that one, but I suppose we learned our lesson (always go to a salon!).

Spent the rest of the afternoon browsing Netflix and YouTube and did nothing else. I also noticed a pattern that when I’m bored, I eat, even when I’m not hungry. Hopefully now that I’m close to coming back to work, that tendency will ease.

Talked to mom about my self-deprecating thoughts and she suggested a hack: post positive messages in the wall of my room so that when I’m feeling down, I can just look at them and feel better:


The messages made me feel a bit better, to be quite honest.

Oh, and an old friend invited me to hang out with her and a few friends – bit of bad blood there. I had this really close friendship with her and two others but I decided to leave. Maybe I’ll write a separate post about that; we’ll see.

Overall, it was a great Sunday. I got to relax and chill. What about you guys? How was your day?

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