So my therapist and I talked earlier this afternoon, and I told her that after much deliberation, I decided to discontinue my employment in the company that just hired me last week. It’s because said work triggered me into a depressive state so strong I almost attempted suicide. It turns out that working 8 hours a day is already too much for me; I felt trapped and overwhelmed, so I decided that for the sake of my well-being, I would stop working.

My only dilemma now is how to deliver the message to my boss. I can email her, of course, and the company is 2 hours away from my home that said form of communication is most ideal, but what do I say to her? Should I disclose my illness? She has been so nice to me, allowing me to work from home and telling me that it’s fine to take two days off since I was still recuperating from my suicide attempt, that I’m almost embarrassed to tell her that I’m quitting. But it’s what I have to do. Any advice on what I should say to her?



3 thoughts on “Dilemma!!!!!”

  1. Although I try to fight against stigma, the Philippines is a different story. The stigma there is incredibly high, and while I, personally, would still fight it, it’s up to you. You know better than I do how mental illness is viewed there. It’s something to take into consideration. Trust your gut. Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

    I’m sorry the job was a lot for you. Taking time off from work is ok. Health comes first. ❤️

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    1. I did it. I told them I have a mood disorder and it would be best to quit to preserve my mental well-being. I don’t know if it was the right decision; all I know is that it felt right to me. My family helped me make the decision too, so I don’t feel as alone in doing it. Thank you; all I know is that I need to get better. What happens next will come after my recovery. 💞

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      1. I’m glad you listened to your inner feelings about the situation, and that you have your family’s support. Right now, your job is to recover ☺️❤️🌻

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