Friday Delights: movies, authors, and next plans

Today may be Friday the 13th, but it’s definitely not a miserable day for me. I just emailed my boss last night expressing my disinterest in continuing my employment; I had to prioritize my well-being over the job, and while I know it will inconvenience my ex-boss, I find I could hardly care less. After all, I chose me. There’s this Filipino saying, “piliin ang sarili”, which means, “always choose yourself”. Filipinos are giving and hospitable people, too much sometimes that we forget our comforts just to satisfy others’ whims. To choose one’s self instead of others is indicative of growth that I know a lot of Filipinos have not reached yet, but at this point in my life, “pinili ko na talaga and sarili ko.” (I chose my well-being over others.)

Speaking of choosing one’s happiness over others, I’m truly happy because one of my most awaited films is finally showing here! It’s A Quiet Place, an American sci-fi horror film directed by John Krasinski. I’ve been meaning to watch the film ever since I saw the trailer, and now it’s here, showing in my country! I may have to watch it alone though ’cause most of my friends hate horror films. It’s their loss lol. Here’s the trailer:

Another thing I’m excited about is finding out one of my favorite fanfiction authors is actually Filipino! She wrote Landscape with a Blur of Conquerors, a Reylo fanfiction (if you’re a Star Wars fan, I betcha know what Reylo is). I’m such a fan of this story that finding out the author is from the same country as I am is such a delight; I rarely meet fanfiction readers here, so to actually have an author living in the same province is exciting. I sent her a message of appreciation in Filipino and while I did not get a response yet, I’m sure we’ll be fangirling over our OTP soon lol.

Finally, though I do not have plans to work full-time yet, I am considering working part-time as an ESL teacher online. Not now, of course, but maybe after a couple of months I can try my hand in that. I need to recover first, that is my priority, but it’s nice to help people learn and also have a source of income.

What about you guys? How’s your day going? Any exciting plans?

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