About today: migraines, ditched plans, and hot summers

I was supposed to go to the mall today to watch A Quiet Place and buy tech for my ESL online teaching plan, but I woke up late with a migraine of epic proportions. I get these horrible ones where I have to drink heavy painkillers just to take the pain away. I get spots in my vision and I have to vom just to get the queasiness out of the way. So I did that, drank my painkillers, and went back to sleep. Woke up to eat a light lunch and went back to sleep by 2. I just woke up at 4. It’s early, sure, but I typically want my chores done early in the afternoon, so this is kind of late for me.

I saw a gifset of The Office (US) and I decided to download the show and watch it. I’ve never been a fan of office-based sitcoms before, but there’s a first time for everything, and I did find the gifset amusing, so I might as well watch the first few episodes.

It’s officially summer here in the Philippines; it started a week ago and giiiiiirrrlll it is mothereffing hot. Today’s 33 degrees Celsius but the RealFeel’s 37. I can feel my brain melting. It doesn’t help that my room doesn’t have air conditioning. I’m forced to suffer through the heat with only my fan on. I’ve never been a fan of summers. I prefer the rainy season, to be honest, but only because it’s the only choice aside from summer here in my country.

How’s your day, guys? Hope it was better than mine.

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