My Solo Boracay Trip

News of Boracay closing for rehabilitation has everyone disappointed, but I couldn’t help but remember my first trip there. It was July of 2017, and I traveled alone to the Western reaches of Visayas to experience the tropical paradise that is Boracay. I remember crying my eyes out days before the trip. I was experiencing a depressive episode and my mother was reluctant to come with me, despite the fact that I already bought tickets for the both of us. I told myself that it was fine if I didn’t go. After all, I was feeling unwell and I would be alone, since my mother decided not to push through. But a part of me wanted to go and experience Boracay. I want to see the white beaches, the beautiful islands, and the delicacies the place had to offer. And so despite everything, I decided, “fuck it”. I booked a hotel, packed my bags, and left.

The trip to Boracay was quick. I went via Kalibo and was on the island after 3 hours. Here are some pictures of the hotel I stayed in:

Bookshelf in the hotel lobby
My room (I was given the deluxe despite booking the standard room!)


View of the hotel garden from my room


Hotel garden from the patio
A selfie lol

After checking my room, I went out to see the beach.


Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. The skies were grey and the beach did not have white sand. But I remembered that this was Station 3 in Boracay. Station 1 and 2 definitely had a better view. I resigned myself. After all, I had three days and it was only day 1. I can check station 1 and 2 the next or following day.

The next day had me joining an island tour. The hotel keepers were quick to assist me, as I didn’t really have anything planned for the day. As I was a solo traveler, it was awkward at first because the fellow island hoppers kept asking me why I was alone. However, a family was quick to have me join their escapades so it turned out all right after a while.

On the way to the island tour!


The water is so clear!

We went to Puka Beach first. There’s not much to the island except for the clear, blue skies and the (almost) white beach. I enjoyed my time swimming and taking pictures.


Almost white beach lol
Of course I had to have my photo taken

Next we went to Crystal Cove, an island-turned-amusement park.

Crystal Cove’s entrance
The beach of Crystal Cove. We wanted to swim but the waves are too strong in this island.
View of one of the cliffs in the island. Breathtaking!


View of the cave underneath the island. The waves were so strong that one wrong step and you would be taken away!
Me attempting not to look scared while inside the cave lol
The view of the cave. It’s still here but it’s scary in real life!
Some of the huts in the cove.
A lone boat traverses the sea.
One of the bridges in the cove.
Overview of Crystal Cove


View from another cliff


Love this picture.

P_20170719_140459P_20170719_140504P_20170719_140527The island tour took 6 hours! And of course I forgot to put on sunscreen and was sunburned by the time I went back to the hotel. I spent the rest of day two resting. Who knew that an island tour would be that tiring!

I spent the third day at the hotel, once again, because there was some sort of parade and there was no one around to help me get to Station 1. I wasn’t complaining though. More time for me!

Boracay was an experience. Sure, I was alone during the trip, but I met wonderful people along the way. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

What about you guys? What trip did you take last year?

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